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Central Beds have issued their draft policy on parking

 CBC Draft Policy on Parking

Our letter published recently in Bedfordshire on Sunday and Times and Citizen:

Dear Editor, 

Parking Crisis in Ampthill

We are members of the Ampthill Community Safety Group (ACSG), which champions solutions to public safety issues on behalf the people of Ampthill and nearby villages.

We want to alert drivers and pedestrians in Ampthill's town centre - working, shopping or visiting - to the growing parking crisis. Even now there is widespread, illegal, unsafe parking: on pavements, over yellow lines on main roads and at junctions. There is negligible enforcement. It will get much worse with the developments of Ampthill Heights, Greensand Woods, The Limes, Warren Farm, and Swaffield Close, which will generate hundreds of extra cars.

It is little known that developers have no responsibility for the knock-on effect in town centres of the extra cars their development will bring. This is precisely the case in Ampthill. That responsibility lies with local authorities, who could have access to funds from the government's New Homes Bonus. However, money cannot buy space that is not available, and our Georgian town centre is already at bursting point for parking. Hence the crisis.

We encourage all of us in Ampthill and nearby to ask our elected leaders and officials: Just where will we be able to park safely in Ampthill town centre when all these homes are built?

Yours faithfully,


Community Speedwatch 


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Station Road

Dangerous driving near two schools in Station Road bought to the attention of CBC in 2013.  Meetings with CBC representatives and members of the Town Council on site to witness the problem arranged by ACSG.  Questionnaire devised and distributed to parents and residents so that public views could be taken into account.  Continued pressure put on CBC and the Town Council.  Work to make the area 20mph, speed and parking restrictions should have been carried out in August 2016.  This was scheduled for February 2017 nearly 4 years later.. Then re-scheduled to the 27th March 2017 which was again postponed. ACSG has now been informed that the completion of the works will take place week commencing Monday 27th May during the school half-term break.

Update 4th July 2017.  Some work has been done but it falls far short from the original scheme.  The speed cushions are very shallow and not marked clearly.  They certainly don’t slow vehicles down.  The road surface has 20mph roundels painted on it but it badly needs resurfacing. However, ‘20mph School Safety Zone’ roundels have been placed at the junction with Dunstable Street.  There are marks on the road indicating where the double yellow lines should be but they have not been installed yet. CBC has said that there will be a site visit after the work has been completed.  ACSG has written to CBC to suggest it would be a good idea to visit before completion to prevent further mistakes in the design.  Wires have been placed across the road for a traffic census, as has been done in other parts of the town, but it is unclear what will be done with that information. ACSG will continue to liaise with CBC for ongoing updates.


Willow Way

 Following a survey by members of ACSG, CBC have installed new road signage in the Willow Way area which will help emergency vehicles to locate where calls have originated from.


Early initiative for unsafe bridge

An old bridge along the public footpath that runs between Saunders Piece and Flitwick Road Maulden had fallen into disrepair through neglect. This well used route is popular with school children from Maulden making their way to and from the Alameda and Redborne schools in Ampthill. A member of ACSG who was familiar with the route, realised that the bridge had become dangerous and was in urgent need of repair. ACSG brought this to the attention of CBC who had the bridge surveyed as a matter of urgency.
CBC acted promptly, the work was put out to contract and a new bridge was built and installed within 6 months.